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A short guide to writing a catchy college essay

Right now, you might be asking yourself how you can write an essay that meets all the qualities required to join the college of your choice. Contrary to the other forms of writing, personal statements can prove to be a challenge to most students due to their shortness yet informative nature. They demand high levels of uniqueness and a very slight mistake could get your hours of strenuous thinking written-piece trashed in a bin. That sounds demoralizing, right? After extensive research, I have discovered some vital tips on how you should write not only an outstanding one but a masterpiece to win you a spot in your dream college.

Start early and write several drafts. To be on the safe side, you should start a few days by drafting a few samples. It will give you enough time to settle for the most prominent and best-polished thesis. This way it’ll be easier for you to concentrate without straying from the main topic. Don’t forget to mention your extracurricular activities and community works that you played a role in as a leader.

Before you start anything, you should first read and understand what the paper prompts. It will help you answer the questions relevantly without deviating from the main topic. You can break it down to a more analytic form like by use of questions like, what’s the central theme? Also, determine whether it is personal to trivial. The better you get to understand it the more solid ideas you’ll get to include.

Proceed to craft a catchy introduction; you can engage the reader with a fascinating story about yourself that will reveal your passion and real character. It can be a life experience or achievement. It will catch the reader’s attention and put him or her in suspense before he or she gets to the main body.

You should be genuine and real. Most students tend to share the same background stories not to mention test scores and grades. Ask yourself, what makes you unique? It can be your character, life experiences, and interests. Also, avoid repetition for it makes your essay monotonous hence tedious and draining for the reader to read comfortably under the minimum time possible. It should be very precise yet outlining the main points. An exciting and unique essay draws you a mile close to standing out from the other applicants.

Lastly, proofread. After writing, do not rush to submitting your essay, you should reread severally and carefully to avoid some highly costly mistakes like grammatical, punctuation and spelling errors. Polish your article to the best of your ability.

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Things to Do to Submit a Great Term Paper

When you have identified an interesting topic and have formulated a good research question, there are several things you should address in order to write a great term paper successfully:

  1. Consulting your instructor regarding the topic

As soon as you are sure exactly what you want to examine in your research question, you should now make up time during office working hours to see your instructor. You can as well email him/her your topic describing your research question. Do not rush to write the paper until you get the approval of the topic and the research question from your instructor. Whenever you find difficulty explaining your topic precisely, you should seek counsel from your instructor. Do not sit back when you feel the topic is too big or too small, seek guidance for anything that is not clear. Every time you find it hard to define your topic precisely, then your instructor will show you a suitable approach to take.

  1. Read primary and secondary sources making first notes

After you clarify your question, you should now read that novel or watch that film that you want to base your research on. Log into your university library catalogue to check for available secondary literature that concerns your topic. Get to know the details of the publications that are there about the topic, also identify the approach that other scholars have expressed in their publications. Make notes as you read to put up a blueprint of the approach your paper will take. Narrow down on the places your topic appears and the aspects that are of particular importance as far as your research question is concerned.

  1. Write your working outline

When you are done rereading your primary text, then take some little time to brainstorm on the content as you draft your outline. Get a method that fits you, for example; you can start your write-up with a question and then move to the important aspects of the question. Or you can, first of all, collect the material and then sort it out later to remain with the right staff. Make sure all of the aspects have a logical flow, and each of them can form a good subsection the framework of your paper.

  1. Evaluating the secondary sources

Do not refer to secondary literature unless you are sure what you want to examine and the approach you want to employ. This is important because every book you are going to read refers you to particular research. If you don’t, first of all, determine what you want to know, then you will have a really difficult time choosing correctly and concentrating on what is essential with the many possibilities. Your outline and the research question are like the compass that will guide you to choose the right literature to address your topic.

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Hints on How to Improve Your Writing Skills

Education is extremely important in every person’s life. It determines how we grow and who we become in life.  In the course of learning, the English language has proved to the commonest subject across all levels of education. It is also the most important means of teaching, assessment, and writing in almost all countries of the world. However, understanding English subject is as nearly as complicated as using it since you need to know so much regarding spellings, sentence construction, grammar rules, etc.

The following tips will greatly help you to improve your writing skills and the quality of your academics:

Read always

Reading widely is the most effective technique for enhancing your grammar skills. Through reading, the correct grammar gets reinforced into your head.  More often, try and read loudly since this combines seeing, hearing and saying and as a result what you learn gets solidified into your head. Besides developing your grammar, reading will assist in enhancing your writing skills including sentence fluency and increased vocabulary command.

Acquire a grammar manual

Whenever you’re writing, it is always relevant to have a reference book beside you so that you can consult whenever you need any clarification. You can look for writing and grammar guidebooks online or go to the library and request to be given one.  You can also ask your writing instructor or the librarian for recommendations.

Revisit the basics

Whereas classes in the English language may not be interesting, it is important to spend a bit of your time reviewing and learning its fundamental principles. Carry out research on parts of speech and get to know the common grammatical mistakes that people make in their day to day usage of the English language.


There are so many resources that you can use to improve your grammar and writing skills. You can find materials in print or online and read them; or applications and games that will give you an extra boost in your grammar ability. Above all, set aside some time everyday to attempt a few grammar exercises.

Listen to your teachers

When your instructor, writing tutor or writing mentor, gives you feedback on your work, ensure that you listen to them.  From their feedback, get to know your weakness and try to put into practice their suggestions.

Read and proofread your work

After you’ve completed your essay, read through your work to check if there are any errors. If you feel that you’re unable to catch the mistakes in your paper, read it aloud to a friend and ask them to help you to point out any inconsistencies.

Utilize professional writing help

There comes a time when you feel that you just can’t do your own work. It may be due to sickness, tight deadlines or just lack of will to deliver an assignment. In such a case, you should ask professional paper writers to help you complete your work. Just remember to send them your instructions and then wait to buy cheap essay paper that is duly completed and appropriately formatted.



How to Write an Essay? A Piece of Advice

An essay is a genre that presupposes the relevant information written in the analytical form. Many essays are simple or complex reflections of thoughts and opinions of an author. Writing an essay means to apply not only the writing talent but also abilities to cite sources correctly and help readers to get convinced about some topical issues.

Every analytical or argumentative essay starts with an argument to prove the thesis statement. It is one of the central ideas in an essay that helps to achieve the goals of the paper. For example, if you are writing an essay about the nonviolent resistance in the context of the Buddhist or Christian philosophy, it is important to include examples from teachings of Jesus and Buddha to prove the arguments. Essentially, quotes are very important in this relation. Many essay authors that ignore quotations lose points. Therefore, you should prove your essay arguments with proper citations of the relevant style. Most of the essays in social sciences (psychology, nursing, etc.) require the APA style of citation, while essays in humanitarian subjects mostly require using the MLA style of citation. Of course, the requirements of some educational institutions may be focused on the Harvard or Chicago citation style, and the choice of style is always an individual task.

Since an essay has been written, you should take care of a spell-check so that to polish the grammar of the English language. It is essential to prove the point that you are a qualified essay writer that manages to apply stylistic means and syntactical devices that would be relevant for the effective essay writing. You can simply use the Grammarly software or application that is accessible online. You are advised to check your essay for plagiarism so that not to be caught in rewriting of some pieces of other writers’ works without the correct referencing. In order to avoid plagiarism, you should cite properly.

 In the final part of the paper, you should not include any citations. Otherwise, they will only distract readers from restating the useful information. The concluding part of the written assignment is essential from the position of clarity and regularity of speech. In this part, you should summarize the main points of an essay and practically institute the analytical components of the work. The well-written work always starts with the well-organized ideas; however, it ends with the logically correct final statements that prove the argument and thesis as well. You have to work on the essay very hard to get the better result.

If you got used to praising your time and managing it properly, you may save it for better things and buy online assignment writing from a professional academic service. If you do not have sufficient knowledge in some topic, you can simply pay for the delivered content and take your time resolving other issues that life brings. The high quality and plagiarism free academic papers as guaranteed will bring you the boost of grades.

9 Foolproof Tips for Writing Your Assignment

If you are a kind of a person who dreads writing, do not panic. Here are some foolproof tips to help you write a great assignment in no time. The three broad categories to consider in handling your assignments are; before you start, while writing, and after you finish your writing. Before you start writing,

  1. Do your reading

Many assignments have reading lists. They have instructions to help you write a paper in the same way your teacher wants it done. Ensure you read what you are supposed to read and internalize the information. The texts are specifically to help you have an easy time to write your assignments. The materials provide valuable information on the topic.

If you have enough time, do the reading from different sources as well. However, when you do not have the time or knowledge to write any type of writing assignment, you can order it from a professional writing service.

  1. Check the deadline

This helps you to plan your time well. It is unfortunate that many students handle their assignments poorly because they have limited time. It happens when they leave their assignments to the last. Divide your work into sections and ensure you finish every section within the time you stipulate.

  1. Plan your time

Creating time to write assignments is not easy. To get enough time for all your assignments, break your task into manageable chunks. Have mini-deadlines that will ensure you do not pile assignments.

Be realistic about time. Schedule to work on your assignment at the right time when you are free from destructions.

  1. Seek help

It is possible to doubt what you are required to do. In this case, you can ask your tutor to help you or contact custom writing services. It is better to ensure you start right than re-write your work some few hours to deadline. Writing services are available to help you write your assignments in a professional way. Considering their help will allow you to earn better scores.

  1. Plan assignment structure

Your assignment can be detailed as you like it, but have a basic structure to guide you. The structure comprises of the introductory points, key argument points, and the conclusion. Having your points before time will help you arrange them easily as you write.

While writing,

  1. Mind your introduction

When writing your assignment, your first paragraph should introduce your key points. Consider important aspects of the question and demonstrate how you will handle them. You can as well write the introduction after you have finished writing your assignment.

  1. Structure your assignment

Ensure every point has supporting evidence. Use the information you gathered while reading. The evidence can be quotes or statistics. If you base your work on many sources, you can forget some. Ensure you add them to the reference list if it is required.

  1. Conclusion

It is your final chance to sum up all your arguments. You need to create a lasting impression on the reader. Recap the key arguments and points to make a concrete conclusion.

When you are done writing,

  1. Review your work

It is to help you check if you have answered all the questions correctly. Double check your spelling and ensure you have followed all instructions provided.

One of the best ways to ensure you have a paper that guarantees you better scores is relying on online writing services. The writers are knowledgeable in all fields. They are ideal in helping you deliver well-written assignments within the set deadlines. 

How to Make Your Coursework the Best It Can Be

Coursework is an academic activity that can take the form of an extended essay writing assignment, term paper or project, among others. Coursework objectives vary from the area of study to the next, and its requirements are determined by the institution of learning to offer that particular course. However, the aim of a coursework assignment is to allow the student to conduct research into a specific topic and by so doing expand their knowledge base.

Though the total marks awarded to coursework assignments is considerably less than those awarded for assessments and other writing assignments, it is still a very significant learning tool that students need to master. A significant number of students’ prefer coursework assignments as opposed to an examination situation as it provides them with a unique opportunity to showcase their academic ability and knowledge base on their area of study.

Coursework is also a chance for students who have underperformed in their examinations to raise their overall grades. However, the longer timeframes associated with coursework writing could provide a false sense of security. Undeniably, when compared to exams coursework is also challenging just not in the same way. Coursework assignments require students to meet certain standards that elicit higher writing capabilities than exams. There are ways you can make your coursework assignments better, here are just a few of them:

  • Plan your time – You have to implement appropriate time management strategies for any writing assignment not only coursework assignments. Make it a habit to understand the deadlines set by your teachers and plan your time to work on the coursework a little bit at a time, but within your deadline. Get the more important aspects of your coursework assignments scheduled first.
  • Gather information and carry out research – Coursework is basically an exercise designed to help students better their researching techniques. This phase of coursework is important and should not be ignored. You are allowed to use as many resources as you wish provided you correctly cite them in your final draft of the assignment
  • Plan your writing structure – After the research process is complete, the writing phase commences. At this step in your coursework, it is advisable that you plan your structure before you actually start writing. Plan out the order in which you will present the information collected in the research.
  • Writing – You will need to utilize most of the writing skills you have to complete the coursework assignment. While writing looks for a quiet place away from any distractions that could lead to careless mistakes.
  • Provide supporting information – While writing your coursework, it is important to provide supporting facts to augment your coursework content. However, you should use your own words when quoting other sources and provide credit to these sources by citing and referencing them.
  • Proofread and edit your final draft – Before you submit your coursework assignment, you should always proof your work to make sure it is in the right sense, correctly formatted and has the required bibliography list.

Once you have completed your coursework following the tips provided above you are ready to submit your coursework assignment. Some students might have no time or knowledge to finish the papers by themselves. Nevertheless, it does not mean that you should fail the whole semester such as there is always an option to rely on online assistance. So, if you are unable to write your coursework assignment, you can always rely on online coursework writing help to deliver one according to your specifications.

CheapOnline Services for Writing Dissertations

Writing different assignmentscan be challenging for students as well as theresearchers who do not have enough time to write their respective dissertations. Therefore, they look for cheap dissertation online services thus being in a position to attain quality help at any particular time. In most cases,both university and colleges students, as well as researchers,encounter a lot of barriers when trying to find the right essay and dissertation writing servicefor their importantassignments. In this regard, there are many factors that force an individual to seek aid from dissertation professional writers. For instance, time and cost, are some of the key factors that make one find the help of professional writers. However, with cheap online services students can save money that they could use to carry out research and save time for all the tedious tasks that will be handled by professional dissertation writers.

However, when looking for cheap dissertation online services, students should consider some important factors.That is, despite the fact that one will pay less for writing a dissertation, an individual is also expected to ensure that the writtenpaper is in line with the instructions provided. Therefore, students are expected to consider the following key points while looking for suchcompanies online at any particular time:

  • Timely delivery of the paper. Time is a prime factor when dealing with any online writing service. Therefore, despite the fact that the platform can offer a cheap writing service, it should also deliver the respective paper on time.
  • Quality is another aspect that is given much importance. The writer is expected to give the paper much consideration to deliver as per the expectations of the client. Therefore, one is encouraged to find a platform with professional dissertation writers for a high-quality writing service.
  • Written paper should also be free from any form of plagiarism. In this case, no client deserves unoriginal work. Therefore, the writers have the responsibility to deliver the work when the client requires and expects.
  • Any online writing organization should offer affordable services so as not to discourage both students and researchers from using this particular service.Also, giving bonuses to the clients is another aspect that has to be considered.
  • Adequate and free offersarealso an important factor that helps motivate the student to order his or her paper to be written. It means that the writing company is reliable and provides certain guarantees. Students are not extra charge in case they need to have their paper rewritten.

Due to these factors, students are not only encouraged to look for cheap dissertation online, but they are also encouraged to look for a platform with professional dissertation writers who will guarantee them a high-quality work at any particular time. Also, the student should be in a position to receive the updates on his or her dissertation at any specific stage of the writing process. It will enable the students to build trust with the writer or the company handling the dissertation paper. Need help with dissertation?