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Things to Do to Submit a Great Term Paper

When you have identified an interesting topic and have formulated a good research question, there are several things you should address in order to write a great term paper successfully:

  1. Consulting your instructor regarding the topic

As soon as you are sure exactly what you want to examine in your research question, you should now make up time during office working hours to see your instructor. You can as well email him/her your topic describing your research question. Do not rush to write the paper until you get the approval of the topic and the research question from your instructor. Whenever you find difficulty explaining your topic precisely, you should seek counsel from your instructor. Do not sit back when you feel the topic is too big or too small, seek guidance for anything that is not clear. Every time you find it hard to define your topic precisely, then your instructor will show you a suitable approach to take.

  1. Read primary and secondary sources making first notes

After you clarify your question, you should now read that novel or watch that film that you want to base your research on. Log into your university library catalogue to check for available secondary literature that concerns your topic. Get to know the details of the publications that are there about the topic, also identify the approach that other scholars have expressed in their publications. Make notes as you read to put up a blueprint of the approach your paper will take. Narrow down on the places your topic appears and the aspects that are of particular importance as far as your research question is concerned.

  1. Write your working outline

When you are done rereading your primary text, then take some little time to brainstorm on the content as you draft your outline. Get a method that fits you, for example; you can start your write-up with a question and then move to the important aspects of the question. Or you can, first of all, collect the material and then sort it out later to remain with the right staff. Make sure all of the aspects have a logical flow, and each of them can form a good subsection the framework of your paper.

  1. Evaluating the secondary sources

Do not refer to secondary literature unless you are sure what you want to examine and the approach you want to employ. This is important because every book you are going to read refers you to particular research. If you don’t, first of all, determine what you want to know, then you will have a really difficult time choosing correctly and concentrating on what is essential with the many possibilities. Your outline and the research question are like the compass that will guide you to choose the right literature to address your topic.

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